Ben Uri collection

Ben Uri about the collection

We are a registered charity and the only specialist art museum in Europe addressing universal and ever-more central issues of identity and migration through the visual arts.

Emerging from and representing the Jewish community, our collection principally reflects the work, lives and contribution of British and European artists of Jewish descent, interpreted within the wider context of twentieth and twenty-first century art history, politics and society.

From our inception as an art society in Whitechapel in 1915, to our current status as a museum with an international reach, the collection has grown to more than 1300 works across 30 different mediums. Made up of both historical and contemporary works, the Ben Uri collection spans 120 years and includes 380 artists from 35 countries

Some key facts and figures

Number of works in the collection 1394

Number of artists in the collection 426

Number of émigré artists in the collection 249 (947 works)

Number of female artists in the collection 119 (225 works)

Number of male artists in the collection 304 (1159 works)