Ben Uri collection

Work by Manfred Altman

Manfred Altman was born in Salzburg, Austria and studied law and philosophy in Germany, and, briefly, art in Holland. Fleeing Nazi persecution, he was forced to leave Berlin in 1938, settling in England where he was appointed Communal Rabbi of Manchester, but was unable to save the majority of his family who perished in Auschwitz. He painted throughout his life but was primarily interested in the law and Jewish studies, helping to develop the Insitute of Jewish Studies in London, founded in 1954 by his brother Alexander in Manchester.

3 work/s by this artist from the collection are shown below. For a more detailed record and image please click on the link.

Rock Dynamics from the Sea

Object type drawing

Accession number 1987-7


Object type painting

Accession number 1993-39

The Enchanted Castle

Object type drawing

Accession number 1993-38