Ben Uri collection

The Old Square, Prague

Artist information

Name Ruth Collet (1909-2001)

Other name Ruth Isabelle Salaman

Born Barley, Hertfordshire, England

Died Middlesex, England

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Painter, printer and illustrator Ruth Collet (née Salaman) was part of the Salaman family of painters and studied at the Slade School of Art under Henry Tonks and Philip Wilson Steer, as well as in Paris with S W Hayter and in London with Kathleen Browne and Marian Kratochwil. Before her marriage to musician Robert Collet, she was much associated with the East London Group, she went on to exhibit with the London Group, the Royal Academy, New English Art Club, the Royal Society of British Artists and the Society of Women Artists. She had three major exhibitions at Ben Uri in 1950 (with Adele Reifenberg and Julius Rosenbaum), in 1970 (with Lottie Reizenstein and Frances Baruch) and in 1978, entitled 'The Spice of Life' (with Margaret Levinson). Her work was influenced by Chardin, Daumier and Samuel Palmer.

Object Details

Object type drawing

Medium coloured pencil on paper

Materials and techniques pencil (medium) paper (support)

Unframed 18.5 x 26.8 cm

Framed 35.8 x 43.1 cm

Accession number 2002-7

Display status not on display


drawing | Prague | urban

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