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Still Life

Artist information

Name Ernst Eisenmayer (1920-2018)

Born Vienna, Austria

Died Vienna, Austria

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Eisenmayer, a 19-year-old Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi persecution, reached England in September 1939, after being released from Dachau concentration camp, where he had been imprisoned for repeated attempts to escape from Nazi-controlled Austria. Like many so-called ‘enemy aliens’, he was then interned on the Isle of Man. After release Eisenmayer moved to London, establishing his reputation as a painter, then from the mid–1960s, as a sculptor, living in Italy for a period from 1976. In 1962 Ben Uri held a solo Eisenmayer exhibition at Berners Street. Eisenmayer was a member of the Ben Uri Art Committee in 1972. Eisenmayer's work has recently undergone a critical reassessment. His painting Strip Poker closed Ben Uri’s 2010 exhibition 'Forced Journeys', which toured to Douglas and Birkenhead to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Manx internment camps, followed by a solo exhibition 'Art Beyond Exile', curated by Prof. Fran Lloyd in 2012. Eisenmayer returned to Vienna in his later years, where he died aged 98, in March 2018.

Object Details

Date c. 1970s-80s

Object type painting

Medium mixed media

Unframed 75 x 57 cm

Framed 55 x 36 cm

Acquisition Presented in memory of Renée Bromberg 2016

Accession number 2016-03

Display status not on display



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