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Portrait of the Artist's Sister-in-Law, Elise Reifenberg (Gabriele Tergit)

Artist information

Name Adèle Reifenberg (1893-1986)

Other name Reifenberg-Rosenbaum

Born Berlin, Germany

Died London, England

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Prior to her marriage and emigration, Adèle Reifenberg studied in Berlin and Weimar (1911–15) under Lovis Corinth, before immigrating to London with her artist husband Julius Rosenbaum and establishing a painting school. A joint exhibition of their work was held at Ben Uri in 1950.

Object Details

Object type painting

Medium oil on canvas

Materials and techniques oil (medium) canvas (support)

Unframed 46 x 36 cm

Framed 54.4 x 44.2 cm

Acquisition Presented by Leinster Fine Art 1991

Accession number 1991-7

Display status Not on display. Last exhibited in 'Refugees: The Lives of Others' (29 March - 4 June 2017)

The sitter in the portrait is the artist’s sister-in-law, Gabriele Tergit, the pen name of Dr Elise Reifenberg (1894–1982), a pioneering female court reporter in Berlin, who achieved overnight fame for her socially critical novel about the late Weimar Republic, 'Käsebier erobert den Kurfürstendamm' (1931). After migration, she became secretary of the London PEN-Center of German-language Authors Abroad. Tergit was married to the architect Heinz Reifenberg, who designed Belsize Square Synagogue.


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